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      Yuhuan Xinlong Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of the complete series of heavy truck and trailer air brake system and components. The company is located in the east cost of China and one of the national famous production basis of motorcycle and automobile parts and assemblies --Yuhuan City, Zhejiang province, nearby the large seaports-- Ningbao and Shanghai and very convenient for the air, water and land transportation. The main products manufactured and provided by Xinlong Machinery for the exportation are the complete series of heavy truck and trailer air brake system components such as: slack adjusters both in manual type and automatic type, s-camshafts, camshaft kits, brake lining and axle; the complete series of air brake hose couplings and connectors; the complete series of quick release valve assembly; speed gears adjustment assembly; the abnormal nuts for VC joints; thruster washers for the car power transmission box, nearly 300 types in about 15 series. Except the normal processing of hardware and stamping parts, Xinlong Machinery is also able in the production of forging, casting, aluminum extruding, plastic extruding and rubber molding. Its products are competitive in the international market and the 95% of its products are made for the exportation to the North America, South America, Australia, Southeast Asia and European countries.
Our Products

      Yuhuan Xinlong Machinery Co., Ltd. was found in the year of 1993. Through 10 years' progress, it has set up an excellent professional team of engineering and production management. Now it has more than USD 2 million of capitol estates and a complete production line of machinery processing, rubber and plastic processing and quality control and testing equipments. During the passed few years£¬the company has expanded the market continuously. It was rewarded as one of an outstanding enterprises in Yuhuan city in the year of 2002 .The plan has now been carried out to set up a group company with several co-operation enterprises£¬aiming for more quick development . From now on£¬ along with the Shanghai delta area becoming one of important basis of world manufacturing industry and quick development of heavy duty truck£¬ the production scale of the company will be enlarged rapidly£¬the production output will be doubly increased. In 2004£¬it will be over 10 million US dollars.

      The company emphasizes on the spirits of working team, stressing on training a group of professional technical staffs and adopting the new and advanced managing conception. Now it has a team of 50 senior engineers and techniques, aided with an advanced computer management network for its product development, production and quality control system and with the support of CAD design, SPC control and MSA analysis. On the basis of establishing and perfecting of ISO9000 quality service system, the company has been approved with TS16949 certified, for purpose of being more competitive and enhancing the quality of the products. All these new precautions have provided a firm guarantee technically for its qualified products successfully entering into the world markets and improving its ability of market competition. The guide line of Xinlong is to provide our customers the services more extractive, more excellent, more efficient and more experience. Our customers both old and new are welcomed to cooperate with us in the development of new products upon the blueprints and samples. To provide better services and to increase the quality are the maxims of all the Xinlong members.

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